MURMANSK, July 27 - RAPSI. The Norwegian police have fined the Melkart-2 trawler 450,000 crowns ($74,186) for illegally discharging fish into the water, trawler owner Vladimir Khizhnyakov told RIA Novosti Friday.

Last weekend, the Norwegian coast guard detained the trawler after accusing the Russian fishermen of illegally discharging fish overboard, which is a violation of Norwegian law.

A representative of the Norwegian law enforcement agencies said while detaining the fishermen that he has video evidence that the fish were discharged overboard.

After being detained, the vessel headed to the port city of Tromso for investigation where the police decided to fine the owner and the crew 450,000 crowns ($74,186).
"We provided bank guarantees to be released," Khizhnyakov said. "We explained that we did not discharge fish on purpose and that this was due to a technical malfunction. The transporter jammed and the fish were discharged."

The owning company's management has yet to see video evidence of the incident, as it must be collected from the police. After examining the videos, the fishermen will decide whether to pay the fine or sue the police.