MOSCOW, August 3 - RAPSI. Journalist Andrey Mitkov may return to London on August 6 after his accreditation was revoked by the International Olympic Committee over an alleged conflict with a pregnant female volunteer.

According to the Scotland Yard, Mitkov attempted to enter a restricted area outside the ExCel Center arena and pushed aside the volunteer while doing so.

He was held at the police station for 16-18 hours and returned to Moscow on August 1.

"As a result of the work done by the police, I was freed of all of the accusations, and they declared my case closed and released me even without a warning," he was quoted by the All Sports news agency as saying. "Following my lawyers advice, I apologized for possible unintentional physical contact. I was confused as to why my accreditation was denied. I have requested the relevant IOC documents and the documents underlying the decision. I have also asked my lawyer to explore the possibility of going to court over a number of issues related to the London incident."