MOSCOW, August 13 - RAPSI. Passengers can use their e-tickets to sue the Wind Jet airline, but Russians will have to take their fight to Italian courts, Mikhail Anshakov, the chairman of the Public Control consumer rights protection society, told RIA Novosti on Monday. This significantly complicates the case, he said.

Association of Tour Operators of Russia Executive Director Maya Lomidze said individuals who bought their tickets online are in an even worse condition that tour operator clients. Even if the passengers win their lawsuits, they will have trouble getting money from the bankrupt company, she said.

"Individuals can refer to the court using their e-tickets," Anshakov said. "However, in the case of Wind Jet, Russians can only hire attorneys to represent their interests in Italy. The company is registered there, and its laws govern the transporter's activities."

The low-cost airline Wind Jet was established in Sicily in 2003. During the final months of its operation, the company was on the brink of bankruptcy. The company conducted flights on 17 routes.A number of Wind Jet flights were canceled or delayed in Italian airports, including Romes international Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, in the run-up to its closing.

The airline ceased flights in the early hours of Saturday due to financial difficulties.