ST. PETERSBURG, August 15 - RAPSI. Several NGOs, which claimed that Madonna violated a law on promoting homosexuality among minors during her concert in St. Petersburg, plan to file a lawsuit for 333 million rubles ($10.45 million) against Madonna, RIA Novosti reports.

The activists will file the suit and a statement of claims with St. Petersburg's Moskovsky District Court, they hope that the case will be considered, a member of an NGO said.

She added that any award in the lawsuit would be used to support families, mothers and children.

The concert in St. Petersburg was held as part of the singer's MDNA world tour. During the show Madonna asked the audience to be more friendly to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.

Earlier, several St. Petersburg based NGOs filed a complaint with the police charging that the singer had violated the law prohibiting the promotion of homosexuality among children. The complaint included photos and videos of the show. Prior to Madonna's concert, Vitaly Milonov, the drafter of the city's law aiming to restrict the promotion of homosexuality, said that members of various organizations would be at the show to monitor compliance with the morality regulation.

The St. Petersburg law banning the promotion of pedophilia and homosexuality among minors came into effect on March 30. Now any citizen who violates the law can be fined in St. Petersburg for administrative violations.

Pursuant to the law, any public statement aimed at promoting sodomy, lesbianism, bisexualism or transgender behavior among minors, is subject to an administrative fine of 5,000 rubles ($158) for individuals, 50,000 rubles ($1,578) for officials, and 250,000-500,000 rubles ($7,890-$15,778) for legal entities.