MOSCOW, August 16 - RAPSI. Former Bank of Moscow President, Andrei Borodin, has been added to Interpol list of dangerous criminals. Borodin's attorney, Dmitry Kharitonov, said this wouldn't hurt him much.

"Nothing has changed for Borodin," the attorney said. He explained that Interpols so-called red notice implies that a wanted individual can be detained in any country in the world. The question of his extradition to the country that initiated the Interpol search will still be considered by the country where he is detained. "I dont think Borodin is going anywhere just yet," the attorney said.

Attorney Vladimir Krasnov, also representing the interests of Borodin, concurred, saying he sees the change in status as nothing more than "psychological pressure."
"I dont think anybody who sees his name on Interpol's website will feel like a hero," Krasnov said.

A red notice means that Interpol's member states may undertake any legal measures to detain or arrest an individual in question.

The Interior Ministry's Investigative Department opened a criminal case against Borodin and his deputy Dmitry Akulinin in late 2010. They have been charged with embezzling 12.76 billion rubles ($400.23 million) from the Moscow city budget via a loan to the company Premier Estate in 2010. The bank held additional shares worth 15 billion rubles ($470.49 million) before granting the loan. The shares were purchased by the city of Moscow as a major shareholder.

In November 2011, Interpol's Russian office placed Borodin and Akulinin on the international wanted list after they fled the country.

It became known in April 2011 that Borodin left Russia for London. The Prosecutor General's Office has submitted an inquiry on Borodin's extradition to the UK.