MOSCOW, August 16 - RAPSI. The Zamoskvoretsky District Court has ordered a new examination in the case of mixed martial artist Rasul Mirzayev, who is believed to have killed 19-year-old student Ivan Agafonov with a blow to the head outside a nightclub in Moscow, the court told the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI/ on Thursday.

The court has satisfied the appeal filed by the victim's parents, as they are dissatisfied with the earlier work of experts who concluded that their son died as a result of his head hitting the ground as opposed to Mirzayev's punched.

The prosecutor has said it is necessary to hold another examination. Meanwhile, the defense has said a repeat examination will only prolong the case.

According to the investigation, Mirzayev hit Agafonov after an argument outside a nightclub in August 2011. He was taken to the hospital where he died several days later without regaining consciousness. The defense has insisted on reclassifying the charges against the martial artist, asserting that Agafonov died as a result of his hitting the ground as opposed to Mirzayev's blow.