MOSCOW, August 21 - RAPSI. Russian State Duma lawmaker Dmitry Gudkov has filed a claim with the Khamovnichesky District Court to invalidate a warning issued to him by the prosecutor's office for participating in the protest action in central Moscow on May 6.

According to Gudkov, the prosecutors accused him of obstructing police officers as they attempted to maintain law and order on May 6 based on a video allegedly made two days later.

"The video posted online showing me unlawfully thrown into a van for criminals was made on May 8," according to his statement. A second video to which the prosecutors referred "bears no direct relation to the Bolotnaya Square rally," he said.

The prosecutor's office has refused to comment.

Clashes with the police flared up during a sanctioned rally in Moscow that had on May 6. Dozens of people on both sides were injured. The police detained over 400 protesters.