MOSCOW, August 31 - RAPSI. The High Court of Justice, which refused to recover $5.5 billion from Roman Abramovich under a Boris Berezovsky's lawsuit, failed to come to grips with how business was conducted in Russia in the 2000s, Andrei Borovkov, the plaintiff's attorney told the Russian Legal Information Agency on Friday.

In the lawsuit filed with the High Court of Justice Berezovsky alleged that Abramovich had intimidated him and his business partner, Badri Patarkatsishvili, into selling a number of assets, including a 43-percent interest in the Sibneft oil company and a stake in the RusAl aluminum group. Berezovsky sought $5.5 billion in damages.

On Friday, the court dismissed the lawsuit in full.

"As Berezovsky's representative, I can't say the decision was either lawful or well-grounded. But then again it would be quite difficult for the London court to understand the history of Russia in the 2000s. During the trial, for example, the judge had to gain an understanding of the terms "krysha" and "kinut," Borovkov said.

He is convinced that his client will decide to appeal the decision. Borovkov believes that Berezovsky after having failed in London will not file a similar lawsuit in Russian courts.