MOSCOW, September 10 - RAPSI. British attorney Jonathan Sumption, who represented the interests of Roman Abramovich in the trial against Boris Berezovsky in London, was paid almost 7.8 million pounds sterling ($12.5 million), equivalent to the annual wage of 45 United Kingdom Supreme Court judges.

On Sunday, the British media cited official court documents and reported that Sumption received 5.8 million pounds sterling for preparing the defense of his client and speaking at the trial, while another 2 million was paid to the attorney for agreeing to defend Abramovich.

British newspaper The Guardian previously wrote that the top 100 London law firms earned a record 5.4 billion pounds sterling in the last financial year and a significant part of this revenue came from trials between Russian and CIS billionaires.

Legal Business magazine wrote that lawyers earned a total of over 100 million pounds just from the dispute between Boris Berezovsky and Roman Abramovich, which recently concluded in London.

The High Court of London refused to uphold Boris Berezovsky's claims against Roman Abramovich regarding the sale of assets of a number of Russian companies in early 2000's.