MOSCOW, September 10 - RAPSI. The Moscow District Federal Commercial Court has registered Tatyana Barysheva's cassation appeal against the dismissal of proceedings in her claim to assert ownership of the Kremlin, the court told the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI/

On May 12, the cassation court dismissed Barysheva's appeal against the lower court's rulings because she had failed to remedy the circumstances that had served as the basis for leaving the cassation appeal motionless.

In November 2011, the Moscow Commercial Court ceased the proceedings as Barysheva is not engaged in commercial activity and the dispute is not within the competence of a commercial court.

The appeals instance sided with the court's conclusions.

Barysheva asked in her lawsuit to recognize her joint ownership with the Russian people of the Kremlin.

The government, Culture Ministry and Federal Agency for State Property Management were defendants in the case.

The Moscow District Federal Commercial Court upheld on October 3 the decision to dismiss a similar lawsuit filed by the Fund of Assistance to the National and Religious Consent of Princes.

The fund's chief, Valery Kubarev, said in court that he is a descendant of the Rurik Dynasty, which entitles him to the unlimited use of the Kremlin. Courts on all three levels held against the lawsuit in full.

When asked on which legal grounds the plaintiff hoped to make his claims, Kubarev was at a loss.

The Rurik Dynasty, Kievan Rus Prince Igor's descendants, ruled the country until the late 16th century. The Romanovs succeeded to the throne in the early 17th century.