MOSCOW, September 11 - RAPSI. A member of the legal team which represented the infamous Pussy Riot, attorney Violetta Volkova, who was issued a notice to come in for questioning as part of the Moscow Bolotnaya Square riots case, will not acquiesce to the request.

Volkova wrote in her livejournal blog that she will not be going to the questioning at the Investigative Committee on Wednesday.

Clashes with police flared up at Bolotnaya Square on May 6 during an opposition march across Moscow which had been granted a permit by the authorities. Dozens of protesters and police officers were injured. The police detained over 400 rally participants.

The Investigative Committee asked a number of witnesses to come in for interrogation, including attorneys Yelena Lukyanova and Mark Feygin.

Volkova, who attended the interrogation process at the Investigative Committee as Feygin's defense, also received a summons to be questioned as a witness in the case.
Volkova has motivated her refusal by stating that she has already been granted access to the case as the attorney for Sergei Udaltsov, his wife Anastasia, as well as for a number of other citizens, and according to the law on "an attorney's activity," she is not eligible to testify as a witness on circumstances with which she became acquainted as a result of her professional obligations.