MOSCOW, September 11 - RAPSI. Atomstroyexport has increased its claims to 1 billion euro against Bulgaria's National Electric Company (NEK) under the Belene nuclear power plant project as part of the case considered by the International Chamber of Commerce's (ICC) International Court of Arbitration, Atomstroyexport reported on Tuesday.

Atomstroyexport is a leading Russian engineering company functioning under the auspices of the Rosatom state corporation. It is involved in the construction of nuclear power facilities abroad.

Atomstroyexport is building five nuclear power units abroad, including in Bulgaria.

"The increase in the claims was stipulated by the fact that the project was prematurely terminated by the Bulgarian government, the terms of the agreement dated November 29, 2006 expired, and the NEK continues to refuse to compensate Atomstroyexport for its expenses and losses," the company said.

A tender on the plant's construction was announced in 2005. Atomstroyexport won the tender, and an agreement on constructing the plant was signed on November 29, 2006. In 2007, the Russian project was found to correspond with all the European technical requirements. On January 18, 2009, an agreement on the plant's construction was signed. On March 28, 2012, the Bulgarian government announced that it was terminating the project.

Atomstroyexport filed a lawsuit with the ICC International Court of Arbitration in Paris in July. The Russian company sought to recover 58 million euro to construct the plant in Bulgaria. This was the first dispute between the parties.

Atomstroyexport representative told RIA Novosti that the company seeks payment for the activities that have so far been implemented. It obtained credit to fulfill the construction at Bulgaria's request, he said. Ultimately, the Bulgarian company announced that it would file a counterclaim against Atomstroyexport, without specifying its claims.

In early October, the NEK submitted to the Arbitration Court of Geneva a 61 million euro counterclaim against Atomstroyexport.

"Atomstroyexport owes the NEK 61 million euro under a November 28, 2007 contract," the company said.