MOSCOW, September 27 - RAPSI. The Supreme Court has temporarily decided to prohibit individuals from resisting law enforcement officers using force. A resolution on justifiable defense legislation was adopted by the court on Thursday containing a provision in this regard.

The earlier draft resolution stated that the Criminal Code gives individuals the right to self defense against any attackers, including officials, and specified that defense against the use of force by law enforcement officers is allowed when individuals are aware that is the police officer is acting unlawfully.

The approved resolution indicates that lawful actions by officials exercising their duties, even while accompanied by the infliction or the threat of injury, do not create conditions for justifiable defense.

However, Judge Valery Stepalin told journalists that the provision was removed for the time being, as work must still be done on the legislation despite the lengthy discussion of the bill that has already taken place.

He noted that the riot police and other law enforcement officers are regarded as "special parties" and their conduct is regulated by various laws and regulations.

"When they act in conformity with their manual, they are not liable for injury," he said.

The resolution states that the Criminal Code's provisions concerning justifiable defense and injury while an individual is being detained protect police officers and law enforcement officials. However, if a riot police officer maims or kills an individual during detention, then he will be held liable.