MOSCOW, October 3 - RAPSI. The Kuntsevsky District Court of Moscow dismissed on Wednesday civil claims filed separately by Berdsk resident Yuri Zadoy and Novosibirsk resident Ivan Krasnitsky seeking compensation for moral harm from the Pussy Riot punk group members, who were found guilty of hooliganism after performing a punk prayer in a central Moscow's Christ the Savior Cathedral, the court told RAPSI.

Three claims were filed by Krasnitsky, Zadoy, and another Novosibirsk resident Irina Ruzankina. The claimants said they were offended by Pussy Riot's actions and sought compensation from the defendants for moral harm, or 30,000 rubles ($929.5).

Ruzankina's lawsuit was dismissed in September.

Now all the civil lawsuits against Pussy Riot have been dismissed, Violetta Volkova, who represents two of the group's members, told RAPSI.

Earlier, Krasnitsky and Zadoy asked the Kuntsevsky District Court to postpone its consideration of the case until the group's sentence takes effect, Alexei Krestyanov, Krasnitsky's representative, told RAPSI over the phone from Novosibirsk.

"Our clients submitted documents to the court, asking to postpone the hearing until the sentence takes effect," he said. "We understood in court that the defendants' representatives do not know if the women actually held a rally at the cathedral. We cannot prove this either."

In court, Volkova objected to the postponement of the case, stating that the applicants' arguments do not serve as grounds for rescheduling the hearings. The judge agreed.

Volkova also asked the court to open a separate proceeding in the lawsuits filed against Pussy Riot member Yekaterina Samutsevich. On Monday, Samutsevich refused Volkova's further services as the Moscow City Court began reviewing her appeal of the sentence in the hooliganism case.
The court dismissed her request.

Krasnitsky's representative told RAPSI that the applicants will appeal all three dismissals of their lawsuits.

The Moscow City Court's panel for criminal cases will hear the appeals against Pussy Riot's sentence on October 10.