LONDON, October 16 - RAPSI. Attorney General for England and Wales Dominic Grieve has authorized a new investigation into the death of 96 Liverpool FC fans at the Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield on April 15, 1989.He has told the Commons on Tuesday that new materials have been made available, which allow him to apply to the High Court of Justice to launch inquests into the so-called “Hillsborough disaster.”The court will now decide whether to hold another investigation.

The stampede occurred during a match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. Ninety-six Liverpool fans were killed and over 760 were injured.

Initially, the investigators blamed the fans and the structural deficiencies of the stadium.

The Hillsborough disaster is the worst such tragedy to have occurred in the UK. It resulted in the elimination of standing terraces at all British stadiums.

For 23 years, victims’ relatives and Liverpool activists, including the Liverpool Echo newspaper, have lobbied for declassifying the documents related to the disaster and for an independent investigation.

In mid-September, an independent commission headed by Bishop James Jones published its conclusions regarding the tragedy. After analyzing over 400,000 pages of material, the commission disproved many of the claims that were made by the first investigation following the event.

The commission also established that the stadium's infrastructure, including its turnstiles, fences and many of its seats, did not meet safety requirements. In addition, it was found that 116 witness statements were significantly amended, with negative comments about the police and medical operation being edited out.

The investigation also called into question the results of the alcohol tests taken even from children.

Doctors have also been criticized for ceasing to render aid to the victims too early, thus failing to save the lives of several people.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has officially apologized for the faults of the investigation.The new investigation reportedly also aims to determine whether police officers were guilty in the death of the fans.