MOSCOW, October 19 - RAPSI. The Prosecutor General's Office has submitted a criminal case against Bolotnaya Square riots suspect Mikhail Kosenko to the courts, the office reported on Friday.

Investigators maintain that on May 6 Kosenko took part in the authorized rally on Bolotnaya Square and then in the public riots that arose out of it, where people turned to violence and arson and destroyed public property.

"During the event Kosenko grossly violated law and order, used force against police officers and caused light injuries to one of them. After his psychiatric examination, Kosenko was declared unable to understand the danger his actions posed on others at the time of his offence," reads the press release.

An officially sanctioned opposition march across Moscow led to clashes with the police on May 6. Dozens of protesters and police officers were injured. The police detained over 400 rally participants. After May 6, the opposition continued its protests in the form of "people's promenades," wherein crowds of opposition activists walked peacefully together through the city in a show of opposition. In total, 17 individuals have been arrested in this case.