MOSCOW, October 25 - RAPSI. On Thursday the Moscow Commercial Court approved an out of court settlement between the Gala Records company against the Odnoklassniki social network on the recovery of one million rubles (about $32,000) in compensation for violation of exclusive rights to reproduce songs of singer MakSim, the court spokesperson told RAPSI.

The case was dismissed after the parties settled the suit out of court.

In November 2011, the Supreme Commercial Court's presidium established its position on intellectual property rights with respect to the liability of internet providers, file hosting services and social networks when content is unlawfully posted by users. An Internet site shall not incur any liability if they do not initiate the transfer of content, do not specify the receiver, do not control its quality, and if they take some preventative action to preclude copyright violation.

Gala Records is Russia's first private recording company. Its website states that it was established in 1988. It is both a recording and music publishing company.

Odnoklassniki is one of the largest social networks in Russia. It has about 31 million regular users, according to LiveInternet.