MOSCOW, November 9 - RAPSI, Diana Gutsul. The prosecutor has asked the Zamoskvoretsky District Court on Friday to sentence Maxim Luzyanin to 6.5 years in prison for taking part in the May 6 riots on Moscow's Bolotnaya Square.

Luzyanin's case is being considered under special procedure upon his request.

Earlier, the defendant admitted his guilt and asked for the case to be considered under the procedure. Thus, his sentence may not exceed two-thirds of the maximum term stipulated by the Criminal Code.

Luzyanin has been accused of both taking part in mass riots and using violence against a police officer.

Investigators maintain that Luzyanin took part in the riots during the March of Millions, which were accompanied by violence, arson and property destruction. The officially sanctioned opposition march led to clashes with the police on May 6. Dozens of protesters and police officers were injured.

After May 6, the opposition continued its protests in the form of "people's promenades," wherein crowds of opposition activists walked peacefully together through the city in a show of opposition.

In June, investigators searched the homes of the rally organizers and participants, including those of Alexei Navalny, Sergei Udaltsov, Ilya Yashin, and Boris Nemtsov. A total of 18 individuals were detained in the investigation.

Among them are: Denis Lutskevich, Alexandra Dukhanina, Andrei Barabanov, Maxim Luzyanin, Yaroslav Belousov, Rikhard Sobolev, Vladimir Akimenkov, Oleg Arkhipenkov, Fyodor Bakhaov, Artem Savyolov, Alexander Kamensky, Mikhail Kosenko, and Stepan Zimin.

Kamensky was later released. No charges were brought against him.

Maria Baronova, who was released, is also a suspect in the case.

Barabanov, Zimin, Lutskevich, Savyolov, and Kosenko have been charged with inciting the riots. Nearly 1,300 people have been summoned to testify in the case.

On November 8, indictments were brought against Dukhanina, Belousov and Akimenkov. Akimenkov was charged with taking part in mass riots, while Belousov and Dukhanina were charged with taking part in mass riots and perpetrating violence against a police officer.