MOSCOW, November 14 - RAPSI. A consumer rights protection society will appeal the Supreme Court ruling dismissing its lawsuit to force local airlines to allow wheelchair-bound passengers on board even if their planes are not equipped to do so, Mikhail Anshakov, the society's representative, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

The Supreme Court dismissed the Public Control In Action's lawsuit disputing a provision of the air transportation regulations, which, according to the applicant, allows airlines to refuse to board transport wheelchair-bound individuals.

Wheelchair-bound State Duma Deputy Vladimir Krupennikov said he is surprised by the ruling. Earlier, he was involved in an incident when the AirBerlin company refused to board a delegation of wheelchair-bound individuals.

He said the court should have taken into account the recent amendments to the Air Code, which were adopted by the State Duma in the first reading.

He said the amendments underscore the necessity to render services to disabled individuals during air transportation and to provide for the technical means to allow these passengers on and off board. The amendments obligate both airports and airlines to render such services. Airlines should also have specially trained personnel based on the amendments, he said.