MOSCOW, December 17 - RAPSI. The court has deemed extremist Nazi ideologist Alfred Rosenberg's books, "Myth of the Twentieth Century" and "Memoirs," as well as Viktor Pranov's book, "Survival Law of the Foulest," the Prosecutor General's Office has reported on Monday.

The office has reported that a psychological and linguistic assessment found that the works demean specific races and contain vulgar expressions discriminating against these peoples.

The Moscow Solntsevsky District Court has considered the case.

The rulings to declare the materials as extremist have come into effect and have already been submitted to the Justice Ministry to include the works in the federal list of extremist materials.

Rosenberg was a leading Nazi philosopher, the head of the Nazi Foreign Affairs Department, and the Reich minister for the occupied Eastern territories.

He was put to death on October 16, 1946 under the ruling of the Nuremberg Tribunal."Myth of the Twentieth Century" explains his racist views and the Nazi foreign policy program.