KRASNOYARSK, April 17 - RAPSI. The Krasnoyarsk State Medical University has canceled a rule prohibiting students from wearing religious clothing in class, such as traditional Muslim headscarves, the regional prosecutor's office reported on Wednesday.

The prosecutors demanded that the rule be annulled, claiming that it conflicts with the education law.

The attention of prosecutors was brought to the issue earlier when a female student was expelled in March for wearing a hijab. A Dagestani native, she violated the university dress code by wearing a traditional Muslim headdress.

Students are not allowed to wear any headdress in class except for doctors caps, or to wear any clothing that demonstrates their religious identity.

"The prosecutors office protested the rule banning religious clothing, as well as the expulsion of the Dagestani student. Thus, the university updated its rules to bring them into compliance with the law and cancelled the expulsion," the prosecutors office said.

RIA Novosti was unable to obtain a comment from the university.

In March, the Dagestani diaspora in Krasnoyarsk reached an agreement with the university administration to reinstate the woman as a third-year student, but only as of September and on the condition that she would not wear a headscarf in class.