MOSCOW, December 16 (RAPSI, Maria Zueva) – The UK Supreme Court will hear a case brought by two British nationals demanding amendments to the law that would allow them to end their lives under medical supervision, BBC reported on Monday.

One plaintiff is Paul Lamb, who is almost totally paralyzed from the neck down in a road accident 23 years ago. He says that he is in constant pain and demands that the law be amended to protect the doctors who provide assisted death from murder charges.

The other is Tony Nicklinson, who was paralyzed after suffering a stroke while on a business trip to Athens in 2005. After losing his battle in the High Court last year, he stopped eating and died naturally a week later at the age of 58. His widow Jane is continuing his appeal.

The Supreme Court will have to judge the compliance of the issue with the European Convention of Human Rights, which prohibits euthanasia and hence denies Lamb and other such people the right to decide when to die.

Nine judges instead of the usual five will hold hearings for four days.

Several days ago, the Belgian Senate approved a bill to extend the right of euthanasia to terminally ill children. The bill, which will be sent to the House of Representatives, says that terminally ill children may ask for euthanasia if they are suffering unbearable pain, there is nothing to ease the pain, and death is imminent.

The children must be aware of what their request means, and be able to put it in writing. Their request must also be signed by their parents or legal representatives.