MOSCOW, January 22 (RAPSI) - The Russian Justice Ministry has suspended the state registration of the political party of Alexei Navalny’s supporters, People’s Alliance, because the party failed to comply with current registration regulations, the ministry announced on its website Wednesday.

The party applied for registration on December 30, 2013. Monday it was revealed that the Ministry of Justice suspended the registration. Earlier, the ministry rejected the application to register Navalny’s party due to various inaccuracies and contradictory data on the application.

“The title of the party, including its abbreviation, is similar to the point of confusion, to the title of People’s Alliance Russian Political Party (or People’s Alliance Party), another political party in the State Register of Corporate Entities,” the statement says.

The decisions to select a main council and a main audit commission were made at a meeting on November 17, 2013 through an open vote, which is also a violation. The party also failed to meet application support documentation requirements.

People’s Alliance, the party with a similar name, was founded by political scientist Andrei Bogdanov as a successor to the Rodnaya Strana party and is registered with the Ministry of Justice.

Alexei Navalny ran for Moscow mayor in 2013, losing to the Kremlin-backed incumbent, but boosting his public exposure through a vigorous grassroots campaign. He gained just over 27 percent of the vote, well above what initial polls suggested he would get.