MOSCOW, March 18 (RAPSI) - Lyudmila Novosyolova, Chair of the Intellectual Property Court, opened a mediation room at the court on Tuesday. The room can be used to settle disputes out of court and through the mediators, RAPSI reports from the court.

Novosyolova noted that a mediation process has been a priority for the court since its establishment.

“Potentially, many disputes in our court can be settled amicably. The percentage of out of court settlements is much higher than for any other category of dispute. The mediators have a good chance for success in the intellectual rights area,” she said.

Also according to Novosyolova, starting on July 3, 2013, when the IP Court began hearing cases, as many as 20 amicable settlements have been reached and 50 suits ended without a full trial, which is 10% of the total number of cases. Novosyolova specifically stressed that 15 amicable settlements were reached by parties during the appeals process.

The chair of the IP Court explained that mediation services are provided free of charge. The costs for any other services that may be required are agreed to by the parties, and they reserve the right to decline any paid service.