MOSCOW, April 9 (RAPSI) - An economist testifying in Apple’s patent infringement case against Samsung argued that the latter should pay the former $2.191 billion in damages, CNet reported Tuesday.

"It's a very large market, and Samsung is doing a lot of sales into that market. This was a significant period for Samsung to be infringing," said Quantitative Economic Solutions Principal Christopher Vellturo, as quoted by CNet.

Vellturo reportedly arrived at the sum by calculating royalties and lost sales and profits while also evaluating the degree of infringement, the time frame, the rivalry between Apple and Samsung, and the belief that the infringed patents made Samsung’s products more appealing to potential customers. 

Earlier in the day, MIT professor John Hauser argued that the patented features helped push Samsung’s gadgets off shelves, CNet reported.

"The features that were enabled by the patents at issue in this case have a measurable impact on consumer demand for Samsung devices," Hauser said Tuesday, as reported by CNet.

Apple claims that Samsung infringed on five iPhone patents. While it previously argued that it was owed around $2 billion, Tuesday’s testimony represented the first specific sum, according to CNet.