MOSCOW, May 15 (RAPSI) - The London Family Court did not recognize the divorce of the Solovyovs family despite receiving a certificate of dissolution of marriage from the Russian consulate, according to the court order obtained by RAPSI.

According to the court ruling, the marriage was registered in Russia in 2002 and dissolved in April 2012 in London upon receipt by the spouses of a certificate from the Russian consulate in the UK. The couple divorced due to “irreparable damage to marriage.”

Since receiving the certificate, the former Mrs. Solovyov married again in the United States and remained in the UK with her new husband under a spouse visa. However, when her former husband decided to marry again, the British officials refused to recognize the divorce.

Last September, Solovyov addressed the Prosecutor General on his new status. Next month, he was informed of the prosecutor’s refusal to get involved in the issue. The Russian’s petition on recognition of the divorce was then forwarded to the London Family Court.

Solovyov’s lawyer states that the divorce certificate complies with all necessary requirements. The judge, however, referred to the UK legislation under which a divorce is not valid within the country unless confirmed by a local court. Therefore, the court dismissed Solovyov’s petition and the couple is still considered husband and wife in the UK.