MOSCOW, May 22 (RAPSI) - The Krasnoyarsk Region Commercial Court will consider on June 9 Microsoft Corporation‘s lawsuit demanding 597,700 rubles (17,321$) from Kansky Commercial Bank for the illegal use of its software, the court told RAPSI on Thursday.

The Corporation claims in its lawsuit that during the inspection of the bank in the Krasnoyarsk Region the law enforcement agencies found that the bank illicitly used Microsoft computer software, the court’s press office reported earlier.

In May 2013, the Moscow Region Commercial Court rejected another Microsoft Corporation’s copyright claim seeking 101,000 rubles (app. $3,000) against the Russian-German joint venture Autobahn for the illegal use of its software.

Microsoft claimed in its lawsuit that during the inspection of the venture’s premises in the Moscow Region by law enforcement agencies, nine computers were found to have five unlicensed Microsoft Office programs installed on them. These computers were then confiscated.

The court rejected the claim, stating that the examination of the protocol of the inspection, as well as the expert’s conclusion, do not sufficiently prove that the unlicensed software submitted for examination was found on the computers confiscated from the defendant.In addition, the defendant stated that the inspection was not held at the address specified in the lawsuit, and Microsoft was not able to provide conclusive evidence that it was.

Microsoft filed an appeal against the ruling which was later  rejected by the Tenth Commercial Court of Appeals.