ST. PETERSBURG, May 28 (RAPSI) – Russia’s Constitutional Court has ruled against a suit that questioned the provisions of a law on the post-prison administrative supervision of offenders, reads the ruling published on the court’s website on Wednesday.

The plaintiff, former convict Vasily Fondem, who was placed under administrative supervision, argued that this norm admits the possibility of a second sentence for the same crime.

Under the law, administrative supervision can be approved for released convicts who were convicted of sex crimes against minors or for dangerous repeat offenders.

The Constitutional Court said it found no grounds to rule in favor of the complaint, because administrative supervision is not a punishment but a measure designed to prevent crime.

Those who are placed under administrative supervision can be prohibited from visiting public events, traveling outside their city or village or going outside during specified hours. These people are also obliged to report to a local police station up to four times a month.

The Constitutional Court said that these limitations were commensurate with constitutional values.