MOSCOW, June 6 (RAPSI) – The Board of Russia’s Chamber for Patent Disputes has confirmed its denial to register a Boeing trademark graphic that is rendered as an airplane, the agency said in a statement.

Boeing applied for the trademark registration so it could be used on all of its products and parts manufactured under Class 12 of the Nice Classification of Goods and Services (vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water).

The trademark is represented by a symbolically rendered airplane with light and dark blue stripes on the tail, body and the engines. The Russian patent agency said in its ruling that this was a traditional image of an airplane and that the light and dark blue stripes do not change the perception of the image as an abstract aircraft.

In other words, the image is indistinguishable from any other. In addition, the photographs of the Boeing aircraft submitted to the patent agency have distinctive features like the name (Boeing) on the aircraft’s body and model numbers on the tail.

Boeing argued that the submitted trademark has a unique combination of graphic elements and colors and that it therefore creates a fundamentally new perception of the image. The applicant said this would allow it to distinguish its aircraft from those of other manufacturers at any distance and thus would fulfill the main function of a trademark.

The Chamber for Patent Disputes (CPD) is a division of the Federal Institute for Intellectual Property (FIPS), which reports to the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks (Rospatent).