MOSCOW, August 4 (RAPSI) – The Moscow City Court on Monday declined to release Lieutenant General Denis Sugrobov, former head of the Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Department at the Interior Ministry, on bail of more than 103 million rubles (app.$ 3 million), RIA Novosti reports from the courtroom.

The court thus rejected an appeal filed by Sugrobov’s attorney challenging the extension of his client’s detention until August 14.

On May 15, Sugrobov was charged with organizing a criminal community, abuse of office and provocation of bribery. Moscow’s Basmanny District Court ordered the detention of Lieutenant General.

Sugrobov, who was appointed to the post by presidential decree in June 2011, was dismissed from the Interior Ministry in March 2014. Some time before that, he was fired from his position at the ministry amid a high-profile scandal over a criminal case involving ranking officers of the anti-corruption department.

In all, 12 department officers have been arrested, including Sugrobov’s deputy, Major General Boris Kolesnikov, on charges of trying to frame an officer of the Federal Security Service (FSB). They allegedly planned to pass as businessmen to offer the unidentified FSB officer $10,000 a month in protection money. The Interior Ministry said after their arrest that the suspects had been suspended.

Kolesnikov was arrested in February this year and jumped to his death out the window of the Investigative Committee building in June. On August 1, the Basmanny District Court in Moscow said it had not found evidence of incitement to suicide in the death of Kolesnikov.