MOSCOW, November 25 (RAPSI) - Opposition activist Alexei Navalny announced on his blog that investigators allegedly made changes to the Yves Rocher case materials, Interfax reports on Tuesday.

He claims that after he and his lawyer reviewed the case and put their signatures on it, pages were removed, volumes were repaginated and the contents changed. To disguise the changes, the Investigative Committee supposedly reprinted the acknowledgement forms and corrected the figures, Navalny claims.

He includes photographs of the acknowledgement forms in his blog post where it can be seen that the page numbers were corrected with correction fluid.

The changes were discovered because the lawyers, while reviewing the case materials (over 130 volumes) took a photo of each page, Navalny explained. The activist claims that the pagination and the content were changed in the seventh and most important volume that contains Yves Rocher’s letter stating there was no damage caused.

Navalny said that yesterday he filed a motion with the Investigative Committee requesting that Roman Nesterov, lead investigator in the Yves Rocher case, be called to account for abuse of authority, forging evidence and attempted perjury in court. At the previous court hearing, Nesterov claimed that after the defense lawyers reviewed the case no changes were made.

Alexei Navalny is a Russian political and public figure, leader of the Party of Progress. He ran for Moscow mayor and is the author of one of the most popular political blogs that was banned for promoting unauthorized public protests.

Navalny and his brother Oleg stand accused in a fraud case involving cosmetics company Yves Rocher Vostok. Investigators allege that the Navalny brothers embezzled up to 26 million rubles (about $561,000) from the cosmetics company, as well as close to 4 million rubles ($86,300) from the Multidisciplinary Processing Company by way of a fraud scheme. The brothers were further charged with having laundered 21 million rubles ($453,200).

Alexei Navalny was given a suspended sentence of five years for the embezzlement of funds from Kirovles Company.