MOSCOW, December 5 (RAPSI) – The United States authorities have sent an opinion to a Pennsylvania federal court on the case of Russian Federation citizen Vladislav Miftakhov, born in 1995, who is accused of building bombs without a federal license, in which they are asking for a prison sentence of two years for him. According to case materials in the possession of RAPSI, the defense has no objection.

The charge carries a prison term of up to 10 years and a $250,000 fine.

In July, Miftakhov agreed to plead guilty to one count: building explosives without a federal license.

Federal public defender Christopher Brown asked the court to recommend for the defendant to be sentenced in a correctional facility located near the place of residence of Miftakhov’s parents.

In his appeal to the court, the lawyer draws attention to the fact that Miftakhov grew up in a family of scientists: his parents worked in physics and engineering and were educated at prestigious American and Russian universities, and this must have exerted some influence on the young man, who also planned to study engineering. The defense argued there was no malice in his interest in explosives, and that the prosecution was unfairly linking the case to the Boston Marathon bombings in April 2013 with the Tsarnayev brothers as defendants.

Brown also notes the increasing interest of the media, primarily American, to draw a connection between his client and the Boston bombings, despite the fact that Miftakhov has absolutely nothing to do with them.

Miftakhov is scheduled for sentencing December 11.