MOSCOW, February 2 (RAPSI) - Official spokesperson for the Russian Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin announced that the committee is working with the law enforcement of Montenegro on extradition of Ivan Bagayev, a member of a gang that killed over 40 people, RIA Novosti reports on Monday.

Investigative Committee's rep stated that Bagayev was arrested during a joint operation of the committee, the Federal Security Service, the Interior Ministry, Interpol and competent authorities of Montenegro.

Bagayev was in possession of a false Ukrainian ID with his photo. The investigation assumes that Bagayev’s role in Aslan Gagiyev’s gang was to provide the criminal groups with supplies such as weapons, ammunition, transport etc. He was directly involved in attempted murder of Vitaly Cheldiyev, Head of Criminal Investigation of the Interior Ministry in North Ossetia, and murder of his son, Zaurbek Cheldiyev in October 2008; murder of Deputy Prime Minister of North Ossetia Kazbek Pagiyev and his driver, Vladimir Gasiyev on December 31, 2008.

Since Bagayev fled from the investigation and was outside Russia as of March 5, 2009, he was put on the international wanted list. He was also brought to charges in absentia with detention selected as a pre-trial measure.

Georgian-born Aslan Gagiyev’s gang has been operating since 2004 and includes 45 members.

Members of the gang are suspected of more than 40 counts of murder in Moscow and North Ossetia. Some of the suspects have already been convicted and are serving long prison terms. Over ten of them have been arrested, and an additional twelve suspects are wanted by Interpol and federal law enforcement agencies.

Three more members, including the gang’s leader Aslan Gagiyev were arrested in other foreign states and are to be extradited.