MOSCOW, February 27 (RAPSI) - An Indian court has imposed a fine of more than $200,000 on a Russian vessel, "Sevastopol", arrested in India, RIA Novosti reported Friday citing Nikolai Sukhanov, Chairman of the Far Eastern Regional Organization of the Russian Sailors’ Trade Union.

"Sevastopol", a Russian cargo ship owned by Gudzon shipping company (Vladivostok), was seized by the Indian port authority while leaving Mumbai last week. The captain reported that the ship is currently anchored in neutral waters 14 miles offshore.

A Russian Foreign Ministry statement said Indian officials were acting under the orders of the Madras High Court. "Sevastopol" and its cargo are being held due to a commercial dispute between the Russian shipping company and its Indian counteragent.

Sukhanov says the vessel will not be released until the dispute is resolved in court or the fine of over $200,000 is paid. The shipping company has hired an attorney to proceed with the dispute. Sukhanov added that the Foreign Ministry and the Russian consulate are involved and expressed hoped that the issue would be settled soon.

Sukhanov also said that the court could possibly reduce the fine. He also said that the entire crew of the detained ship is from the Primorye Territory. They are in good health and are not lacking for any day-to-day needs.