KIEV, May 21 (RAPSI) - Bureau of forensic medical examination should disclose medical records in deaths of dozens of people killed in a street battle in the city of Odessa in May 2014, a local Ukrainian court ruled on Thursday, according to Ukrinform news agency.

During the clashes between Ukraine federalization supporters and participants in support of the country’s unity in Odessa on May 2, fifty people were killed and over 250 injured. Most of the Antimaidan supporters died in the fire at the Trade Union House.

However, local parliament member Vadim Savenko claims that the Kiev officials are holding back the actual figures, which could be 116 people killed.
The investigation found that the mass riots in Odessa were planned in advance.

Several days later, police arrested main defendants in the case as well as some police officers. Former chief of the Interior Ministry’s Odessa Regional Directorate, Dmitriy Fuchedzhi, was put on the wanted list.

According to the news agency, the court upheld a lawsuit filed by the experts and journalists of the May 2 Group that conducted an independent investigation into the tragedy.

Soon after the incident, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry admitted that 32 people at the Trade Union House died not because of high temperatures but because of “an unknown substance.” The investigation, however, did not confirm that any toxic substances were used, including chloroform.