MOSCOW, June 19 (RAPSI) - Russia is preparing a lawsuit seeking the seizure of the seizure of partially state-owned property in Europe, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday in an interview with RBC Agency.

“Our commercial operators are going to file lawsuits with a Russian court in response to the unlawful actions against them and demand that Russia respond with similar freezes of foreign partially state-owned company assets in Russia,” Lavrov said.

He stressed that Russia is mainly concerned with the seizure of Russian diplomatic mission property.

Lavrov explained that France first began freezing the bank accounts of the Russian embassy Russia’s UNESCO representative office, and its commercial mission. Later, these actions were canceled and only affected the accounts of Russian companies with state ownership. The same allegedly unlawful activity occurred in Belgium where it was announced that the accounts of Russia’s diplomatic offices, the embassy and the delegations within the EU and NATO, would be blocked.

The minister said that it is “strictly against the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.” “Representative of the Belgian Foreign Ministry claim they were unaware of this move and that their judicial system is independent. However, we cannot accept this explanation,” the Foreign Minister stressed.

France and Belgium seized property that they believe belongs to Russia, in execution of a lawsuit by former Yukos shareholders who won a trial at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague.