MOSCOW, July 6 (RAPSI) – Russia’s Investigative Committee has unfrozen the accounts of Ural Invest, a company owned by former Bashneft owner Ural Rakhimov, that were previously seized within the criminal case on the alleged theft of Bashneft stock, RAPSI reports Monday from the Basmanny District Court of Moscow.

As a result, Ural Invest representatives, who had argued that the freezing of the accounts was unlawful, withdrew their complaint.

On March 30, the Moscow Commercial Court recognized an amicable agreement, under which Ural Invest is to pay Sistema 46.5 billion rubles ($824 mln) and, additionally, 12.9 billion rubles ($229 mln) to compensate for the damages that resulted from Bashneft shares being claimed by the state.

Ural Invest assets were frozen by the Investigative Committee within a criminal case on the theft of Bashneft stock, the major defendant in the case is the oil company’s ex-CEO Ural Rakhimov.

According to the plaintiff, the freezing totaled almost 2 billion rubles ($35.4 mln).

In late October 2014, the commercial court upheld a lawsuit by the Prosecutor General’s Office on transferring the Bashneft shares to the state. The court found that a series of privatization deals that resulted in Bashkortostan’s fuel and energy industry being owned by Ural Rakhimov, the son of ex-president of Bashkortostan, was conducted in violation of the law.