MOSCOW, July 9 (RAPSI) - Bailiffs in Russia's southern Stavropol region have removed 59 dogs from a Kislovodsk resident’s apartment, RIA Novosti reports Thursday citing the Federal Bailiff Service’s regional department.

According to the statement, a woman had taken in the animals over the past three years.

“Since 2012, Kislovodsk residents have been suffering under unbearable conditions created by this woman who took in 59 dogs. It is understandable that people suffered not only from the constant barking but also from the putrid odor, which even forced residents in neighboring buildings to keep their windows shut,” the statement says.

Officials repeatedly went to the flat but the woman reportedly refused to open the door.

Residents have turned to court. The court ordered the woman to limit the number of pets in the apartment to two dogs and two cats. Nevertheless, she refused to let anyone into the apartment.

Eventually, with officials, police and local residents as witnesses, the court bailiffs broke into the apartment and let an animal control expert do the job, according to the press release.