MOSCOW, July 31 (RAPSI) - A Murmansk court has ruled that the Spanish ship Adexe Primero, that was seized for crab poaching, be released on a 1.3 mln ruble ($21,500) bond, RIA Novosti reported on Friday.

The vessel was impounded by border officials on July 16 based on the suspicion that the crew was crab poaching. The small ship has been held in a Murmansk port for investigation.

In Murmansk, border officials detained the crab poachers and opened a case against Captain Blanco García Elías and the corporation, Mariscos Polar SL, for violating fishing rights law and regulations related to Russia’s territorial waters, the continental shelf and its exclusive economic zone.

The crew includes 14 Russians, eight Ukrainians, five Moldavians and the Spanish captain.