MOSCOW, October 27 (RAPSI) – Turkish state gas company Botas filed a claim against Russia with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Reuters reported on Tuesday.

According to Reuters, Turkish state gas company Botas notified Russian Gazprom that it seeks a price revision dating back to December. Gazprom spokesman, Sergei Kupriyanov, said that there’s still a possibility for both out-of-court accord or arbitration ruling on the case, Bloomberg news agency reported.

This summer various media wrote that Gazprom and Botas were unable to come to agreement over gas price discount and that these troubles may affect the Turkish Stream pipeline project. Gazprom denied the connection between Turkish Stream and discount negotiations.

In June 2015 Trend news agency reported that Turkey was willing to apply to national Court of Arbitration regarding Russian gas giant Gazprom refusal to provide a discount for Turkish state pipeline company Botas. Botas was expecting a 15 percent gas price discount from Gazprom in March 2015. However, sides have not managed to come to an agreement as Gazprom has demanded additional concessions from Turkey on construction of the Turkish Stream pipeline, Trend reported.

Gazprom agreed to give discounts only to Turkey’s private gas companies which accumulate for 15 percent of Russian gas imports. According to Trend, gas discount for Turkey’s private sector will be close to 25 percent in the first quarter and to additional 15 percent in the second quarter of 2015.