MOSCOW, May 20 (RAPSI, Diana Gutsul) - The Supreme Court of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania has sentenced Oleg Dzarahohov, one of the leaders of Aslan Gagiyev’s  gang that allegedly killed over 40 people, to 19 years in prison, the Investigative Committee representative Vladimir Markin told RAPSI on Friday.

Dzarahohov has been found guilty of leading a structure within criminal organization,  leading a gang, murder, attempted assassination, intended infliction of grave and medium gravity harm to people’s health, willful destruction or injuring of property and ammunition trafficking.

Investigation and court found that Dzarahohov joined the Gagiyev’s gang in 2009 and was responsible for organizing armed attacks within his structure of the criminal organization.

Russian investigators claim that Georgian-born Gagiyev’s gang has been operating since 2004 and includes over 50 members.

Members of the gang committed more than 40 counts of murder in Moscow and North Ossetia.

In March, the Moscow Region Court sentenced Robert Bagayev, an active gang member, to 22 years in prison and fined him 500,000 rubles ($7,500). He became the eighteenth convicted member of Gagiyev’s gang.

Earlier, 17 other members of the gang have received long prison terms; two of them have been sentenced to life.

Currently, 14 members are in detention, 8 members are on the international wanted list. Leader of the gang, Aslan Gagiyev was arrested in Austria and is facing extradition to Bulgaria or Russia. On March 3, he was released on bail by an Austrian court.