MOSCOW, June 3 (RAPSI) – The Moscow Presnensky Court sentenced Sergey Drobysh, the former CEO of an Oboronservis structures, to four years imprisonment and a 150 million rubles ($2,250,000) fine for mediation in bribery, RAPSI learnt in the courtroom on Friday.

Earlier in the day Drobysh pleaded guilty and in his final statement told the court that he repented all what he had done.

As the court has established, the defendant, who was the director of the production and maintenance division of Oboronservis, had acted as a middleman as he handed a bribe to Alexander Gorshkolepov, at that time a deputy head of the property department at the Russian Defense Ministry and already sentenced to 8 years in correctional colony and a 310 million rubles ($4,700,000) fine.

In 2013, Drobysh received 30 million rubles ($450,000) from businessman Andrey Knyazev aimed at bribing officials who in return should have helped to assign “right people” to desired positions within the Defense Ministry. However, because of a conflict Knyazev reported this case to law enforcers and was exempted from criminal liability as established by the Russia’s Criminal Code.

The court found out that Gorshkolepov had received about 14 million rubles ($210,000) via Drobysh.