MOSCOW, June 28 (RAPSI, Diana Gutsul) – The Moscow Regional Court is to examine the criminal case involving the so called “GTA gang” accused of banditry, murder, robbery, illegal production and possession of firearms, the court’s press service informed RAPSI on Tuesday.

“The criminal case of the ‘GTA gang’ has been lodged with the Moscow Regional Court, no date of examination has been set yet,” – according to a court press representative.

Last week the Russia’s Prosecutor General’s Office informed that a Deputy Prosecutor General had approved an indictment in a criminal case involving nine men from Central Asian countries accused of banditry, murder, robbery, illegal production and possession of firearms.

According to investigators, in March 2012 Ibaydullo Suyhanov organized a gang in the Moscow Region. The gang consisted of at least 15 people from Central Asian countries. Allegedly, defendants in the case were behaving without raising anyone’s suspicions. They worked as taxi drivers, construction workers, guards, many of them had families.

Prosecutors claim that in 2012-2014 the gang committed 15 robberies that resulted in murder of 17 people and attempted murder of another two. Also, the gang was allegedly behind numerous attacks against automobile drivers. Allegedly the criminals were installing handmade spikes on the roads, causing drivers to stop, and murdered the victims for their possessions afterward.

Leader of the gang was killed in an armed stand-off with the police. Five other members of the gang left Russia and were put on the international wanted list.

Russian media called the perpetrators of murders in the Moscow Region and M-4 “Don” highway a “GTA gang” as a reference to the popular videogame.