MOSCOW, September 5 (RAPSI, Lyudmila Klenko) – A probe into T Plus company, a subsidiary of Renova Group holding, is carried out in relation to a corruption case against former officials of the Republic of Komi, Vladimir Markin, the Investigative Committee’s official spokesman said on Monday.

According to Markin, investigative authorities in the Russia’s Republic of Komi have initiated a criminal case against some former and acting managers of  Kompleksnye Energeticheskiye Sistemy (KES) company, of which T Plus is the legal successor, suspected of large-scale bribery.

Investigators believe that in 2007 through 2014 the suspects bribed the officials currently involved in the criminal case against the Republic’s ex-head Vyacheslav Gaizer with money and other assets.

“The total amount of funds transferred as money reward made over 800 million rubles ($1,232,000),” the Investigative Committee’s spokesman said.

Markin has also confirmed that at the moment searches and interrogations of witnesses are carried out at Moscow offices of T Plus and related companies with support from the regional and central directorates of the Federal Security Service (FSB).