MOSCOW, September 9 (RAPSI) – A court in Bialystok, the largest city in northeastern Poland, ordered detention of four Russian nationals from Chechnya charged with accessory in financing and recruiting militants for extremist organizations operating in Iraq and Syria including the Islamic State, Radio Poland reported on Friday.

Additionally, they were accused of illegal border crossing. Reportedly, Russian nationals entered Poland without getting a residence permit and entry visa.

According to investigation, they have acted as fund raisers and recruiters of criminal groups in several Polish cities including Warsaw since October 2014. Moreover, they are suspected of purchase and forwarding clothing allowance and gun sights to Iraq and Syria and accessory in delivery of health care to injured militants of jihadist groups, Radio Poland reported.

All defendants whose names have not been disclosed pleaded not guilty.

Russian nationals could face up to 12 years in prison if convicted.

The Islamic State, an organization which is prohibited in Russia, is currently one of the major threats to global security. Over three years, these terrorists have managed to seize large areas of Iraq and Syria. The organization is also attempting to spread its influence to North Africa – particularly, Libya. The area controlled by ISIS covers up to 90,000 square kilometers.