MOSCOW, September 28 (RAPSI, Yevgeniya Sokolova) – The Moscow City Court has upheld investigators’ refusal to open a new criminal case against Domodedovo owner Dmitriy Kamenshchik in relation to 2004 terror attacks in the airport, RAPSI reported from the courtroom on Wednesday.

Relatives of terror attacks’ victims demanded to initiate the case against the airport’s owner because, according to them, “suicide attackers boarded the plane due to the fault of Kamenshchik who had not organized normal security system in Domodedovo.”

Investigators and prosecutors did not find grounds for institution of such criminal case. There were no particular facts and circumstances which could be used as a reason for reopening of investigation, according to them.

On August 24, 2004 two organized terror attacks at Domodedovo airport were carried by suicide bombers and resulted in destruction of two airplanes and deaths of 90 people.

Three persons have been already convicted in the case. Former police officer Mikhail Artamonov received a 6-year prison term; ticket scalper Armen Arutyunyan and ex-employee of Siberia Airlines Nikolai Korenkov were sentenced to 1.5 years in prison each.

Earlier, Kamenshchik was a defendant in the 2011 terror attack criminal case.

A suicide bomber detonated a bomb in the Domodedovo Airport’s international arrivals hall, killing 37 people and injuring 172, on January 24, 2011.

Kamenshchik was charged with the provision of services that do not meet security standards. He pleaded not guilty but paid out compensation to the victims in the case. In late September, Russia’s Investigative Committee dropped charges against Kamenshchik at the request of Prosecutor General’s Office.