MOSCOW, November 9 (RAPSI) - The Warsaw District Court has ordered Russia to pay 7.8 million zloty (about $2 million) to Poland for non-contractual use of a building in Warsaw, Polish Press Agency reported on Wednesday.

The defendant, namely the Russian Federation, had been informed about the hearing date but did not appear in court and did not take its stance in the case. Thus, the court accepted the plaintiff’s claims as true, the agency reports.  The ruling has not taken effect yet.

The subject-matter of dispute is a building that earlier was the hotel for the Soviet diplomats. Presently, the object is not used. In late October, the court held that the building must be transferred into Poland’s ownership. Russia reportedly claimed that such issues must be settled during bilateral talks but not by court.

Moreover, the mayor of Warsaw reportedly seeks over 16 million zloty (about 260 million rubles) from Russia for non-contractual use of two buildings in Poland’s capital by the RF embassy from 2012 to 2015. This trial is set for January 2017.

Russia uses several real estate items in Poland, among others, in Warsaw. Some of them are owned by Russia; others are utilized under contracts. However, Polish authorities claim that several objects in Warsaw and Gdansk are used non-contractually. As a result, they turn to courts demanding payment, according to the agency.