MOSCOW, November 24 (RAPSI) – A court in the city of Voronezh has replaced remaining jail time for MMA fighter Alexander Emelianenko with two years and 23 days of community service, RIA Novosti reported Thursday.

Moscow's Simonovsky District Court in May 2015 sentenced Emelianenko to 4.5 years in prison and imposed a 50,000-ruble ($781) fine on him for sexually assaulting housekeeper Polina Stepanova and seizing her passport.

Emelianenko pleaded not guilty and claimed that sex with the housekeeper was consensual.

Emelianenko was granted parole on October 27. Prosecutors failed to to challenge the ruling. They claimed that the court erred in replacing the remaining jail time with community service as it exceeds a two-year term limit.

Alexander Emelianenko is a Russian mixed martial arts fighter who has represented the country at many international championships. He ranked as the No.73 heavyweight in the world in 2013. His younger brother Fedor Emelianenko is believed to be the greatest mixed martial arts fighter in history.

Unlike his brother, Alexander is often implicated in scandals, usually as a result of alleged heavy drinking. Earlier, he was charged with assaulting a retired person at a Moscow café. The criminal case against Emelianenko was dropped after a settlement had been reached.