MOSCOW, March 23 (RAPSI) – Eight people have been detained in the United Kingdom in relation to the Wednesday terror attack near the Houses of Parliament in London, the Wall Street Journal reports on Thursday.

Three victims, including a police officer, lost their lives in this attack. Twenty-nine victims were hospitalized with seven of them staying in critical condition.

British Prime-Minister Theresa May announced on Thursday that the assailant was British-born and known to security officers. She added that the crime was likely to be inspired by Islamist ideology.

According to the national lead for Counter Terrorism Policing and the Acting Deputy Commissioner Mark Rowley, an investigation is currently being carried out with the British authorities looking for the crime’s motives and probable accomplices.

On Wednesday, an assailant drove a car at pedestrians on Westminster bridge. After the car rammed into the fence of the Houses of Parliament, the assailant attacked a police officer with a knife and was shot.

British investigative authorities have so far conducted searches in six regions of the county.