MOSCOW, April 12 (RAPSI) – Swiss Bundesgericht (the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland) has dismissed an appeal filed by the Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC) against the ruling of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) upholding termination of RPC’s membership in the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), the court’s website reads on Wednesday.

Switzerland’s highest court has also ordered RPC to pay 10,000 Swiss francs of legal costs and to reimburse the defendant with 12,000 Swiss francs.

The IPC has suspended membership of the RPC on August 7, 2016 finding Russian Committee to be unable to fulfill its obligations to combat doping in sport as well as alleged existence of state-sponsored doping support system in Russia.

This decision was based on the so-called McLaren Report presented by Professor Richard McLaren from Canada acting as an independent person in a probe into alleged state-sponsored cover up and manipulation of the doping control process.

According to the first part of the report issued in mid-July 2016, the work of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory was allegedly aimed at protection of Russian athletes taking prohibited substances, whereas the Sochi anti-doping laboratory developed a system of samples swapping during the 2014 Winter Olympics.

The IPC made its decision on August 23 and was later supported by the CAS, which did not find a reason to satisfy the appeal of the RPC. The CAS ruling was appealed with the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland.